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Jun 27, 2006
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I tend to haunt the public libraries often enough, so I don't think this list quite reflects the amount of books I've read in my lifetime. However, there's enough of "me" in it, as can be seen from the truckloads of history, tea and poetry books I have in my personal collection. It may also show I'm a raving Anglophile. I am a somewhat curious person and like to learn about a variety of things, so I try not to limit my collection to only a few genres - but I do have my priorities!

I hate reading bad books, but the definition of "bad" varies from person to person. I may turn my nose up at a title because it looks like a complete waste of time, but someone else might be thinking the same thing about the book in my hand. I suppose I'm an empathetic snob.

Since I don't have a garden (unless you count the plants struggling for life in my apartment), I enjoy watching my library grow. Making room for new acquisitions is a labor of love.

In reviewing, I rarely go below 3 stars, because if I can't say something nice I'll either keep silent or get rid of the book from my library. The criteria is usually based on whether I enjoyed reading it, which is I think a good enough reason as any.
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I'm a reader. There it is.

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