Banned Book- got this for BB week. Have not read. (2), but should. This book has Fran finally in her cottage...I'm reading it right now. (1), Banned Book- got this for BB week. Read this several years ago & didn't like it. I'm gonna give it another try. (1), This was the first book in this series...20? It was cute (1), cosy the next one was good & then it tapered it is back to good again. =) (1), Read...this was one of the better ones =) Her daughters were home from school & adopted a puppy. Cec & Bert were there & we were told a litle more about Cec's soon 2b marriage. They even mentioned Alice who we met in the 1st book. (1), This was the first book in this series...not bad... (1), Among other things Peter & Harry get hitched. (1), The cover doesn't say Libby Sarjeant (1), loved (1), but they did describe the IE. (1), This one is about DOT...we are in Sydney & looking for her sister (1), Lin Chung is kidnapped- his family won't rescue him. Phryne refuses to accept their non involment. (1), but collected her nieces. This had some weird stuff in it (1), too. I won't read this one again. (1), Similar to Jane Austens writing (1), agatha christie sleeping murder (1), but the story is so dismal. I am nearly at the end. I'll keep slogging away...finished & the ending was horrible (1), I've read this SO many times. I'm reading it w/ the GR group. There was a youtbe video of the OLD movie so I watched it too. I have it in my favorites. (1), This was the first book in this series & it was about the IE so I really liked it. too bad the others were not as good (1), cosy (1), better but no mention of her daughters :( (1), ok (1), ick (1), good read (1), Reading Now (1), 2b read (1), Tori says yes (1), about an english village (1), We meet her adopted daughters (1), This is where Henry meets his L Interest. It was okay. (1), I think... (1), ok I will read more in this series when the $ goes down (1), jumps from the 50s to modern times. OK (1), I thought I had read all the Miss Marple books...this one was set in the 50's (1), I really enjoy these books...too bad it takes so long to get them. The cats remind me of Hawkie & GG. (1), I like reading about the IE so this was good. It really did not have much of a story (1), The Love Interest comes to visit & helps solve the mystery mostly set in PS (1), The L Interest & he go back to her hometown to solve a mystery. I did learn about a new kind of pool. It was interesting (1), I will probably never read another book by this author (1)
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Sep 8, 2012
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