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Sep 4, 2012
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I'm going to spend the next few years attempting a feat unknown amongst bibliophiles: to read all the books I own. This means I'll have to stop buying books until I've caught up, not quite sure how I'll cope with that... Anyway I'm keeping track of the project using my shiny new Librarything, the unread books will go into the "to read" section and I'll work through them in a random order, all the things I want to buy but can't will go to the "wishlist". The books're mostly philosophy and mythology nonfiction and an eclectic selection of fiction. I'm also beginning a collection of Lewis Carroll works and related (especially philosophical) materials, which is the only thing exempted from my purchasing ban. I'd appreciate any info about interesting Carroll books/articles/events etc!

Oh and I'm planning to keep a book blog to write about everything I read, I'll post the link up here when I have, I'd love to hear any feedback about the writing or discussion about the books!
Om mig
Mildly nerdy, incrementally gothy and wildly philosophical (I have two degrees in it, not just trying to sound profound) by nature. I'm also a desperate book lover, never happier than when scouring York's various antiquarian and second-hand bookshops, charity shops, library sales and promising bric-a-brac stands for treasure. My especial book interests are philosophy of language, psychology, mythology, nonsense, surrealism, gothic, victoriana, post-modernism and magic realism, but I generally buy and read anything and everything that passes my way. Oh and I have a *slight* Lewis Carroll fixation. I can recite 'The Hunting of the Snark' from memory and I occasionally attempt to record myself reading Alice to practice my storytelling skills. Oh and I read whilst walking, all the time. I know that my peripheral vision must be excellent because I haven't died yet.
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