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Om migI am searching for the greatest short stories currently being written. I feel that short stories are often disregarded as they lack the substance that novels contain. I think this misses the point of the short story. A short story, well written, can include all of the power, substance, and quality of a novel in a much more compact form. I like to think of the comparison between novels and short stories as similar to that between a sun and a neutron star. If one could view both of these celestial objects, it might be challenging to see the similarities. The sun burns hot and bright. It's massive, filled with energy, and brilliantly lights up the space surrounding it. The neutron star looks cold and dead, and yet it contains all of the power of the sun in an incredibly small area. The neutron star might seem like the diminutive end to a star's life but beware those that get to close. They will be drawn in with a power that they had no idea could be contained in something so small.

Om mitt bibliotekI am purposely not placing any books in my library. Of course it wouldn't be hard to do this and I have many books that I would like to add but I do not want my preference to influence people on the kinds of stories I prefer or the authors I think a great writers.

GrupperLiterary Snobs, Short Stories


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Riktigt namnRyan Church


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Medlem sedanApr 19, 2020

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