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Feb 6, 2017
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Diversity Center of Santa Cruz County
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The Diversity Center's public Lending Library holds more than 3,000 titles from an extensive range of topics, authors, and eras. There's an entire shelf of Armistead Maupin, nearly 150 films, a wealth of resources in psychology and health, LGBTQ+ biographies, and materials in Spanish. Stop by in person to check out some books and bring them home with you!

We are always open to donations of new books and DVDs. If you want to buy us something new, check out our Wishlist at Bookshop Santa Cruz--we're especially looking to strengthen our coverage of transgender and intersex topics. Or we're always happy to take any used books you happen to have sitting around!

Please contact the Diversity Center Librarian with any questions or other comments. If you're looking for something and we don't have it, remember to check out the Santa Cruz Public Library System too!
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Each year, The Diversity Center reaches approximately 10,000 individuals that we serve directly through our onsite programs, outreach and education events, our work with school-based Gay/Straight Alliances, and our Triangle Speakers program. We fulfill our mission to build an equitable community where LGBTQ+ people thrive by:

* Developing LGBTQ+ youth leaders in local middle and high schools, who help teach acceptance and promote positive LGBTQ+ messages to their peers
* Creating connections, building community, and reducing isolation among LGBTQ+ seniors, veterans, youth, and the Latinx community
* Teaching acceptance and providing support for transgender individuals
* Educating the community at-large about key legislative issues that impact LGBTQ+ rights and equality
1117 Soquel Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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