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Mainly my collection of science fiction and fantasy, used to be much larger but then moved across the country and (unfortunately) lightened the load... Also read historical fiction and almost anything a friend recommends to me. Currently active in two book clubs (one focused on the books we should have read in high school and the other on men's interests).

Read in January, 2008:
Wright: Titans of Chaos
Scalzi: The Ghost Brigades
Scalzi: The Last Colony
Wade: Before the Dawn
Wright: The Last Guardian of Everness

Read in February, 2008:
Wright: Mists of Everness
Alda: Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself
Keyes: Flowers for Algernon
Pekar/Brabner: Our Cancer Year
Beddor: Seeing Redd

Read in March, 2008:
LeGuin: Tales From Earthsea
LeGuin: Tehanu
Feynman: Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman
Knowles: A Separate Peace
Corrigan: The Middle Place

Read in April, 2008:
Barry: A Long Long Way
Card: A War of Gifts
Picardie: Before I Say Goodbye

Read in May, 2008:
Orwell: Animal Farm
Carter: Living Faith

Read in June, 2008:
Ellison: Invisible Man
Gilbert: Eat, Pray, Love
Matheson: I Am Legend

Read in July, 2008:
Wells: The Invisible Man
Lewis: The Magician's Nephew
Pausch: The Last Lecture
Quammen: In Defense of Food

Read in August, 2008:
Kerouac: On The Road
Ford: The Last King

Read in September, 2008:
Anthony: Air Apparent
Kotter: Our Iceberg is Melting
Lewis: Prince Caspian
London: Call of the Wild (graphic novel)

Read in October:
Niven: Fleet of Worlds
Lewis: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Lewis: The Horse and His Boy
London: Call of the Wild (unabridged)

Read in November:
Niven: Juggler of Worlds
Toth: The Mole People
Cooper: The Silver Ship and the Sea
Stevermer: When the King Comes Home
Colfer: Artemis Fowl - The Graphic Novel
Cooper: Reading the Wind
Drake: Hammer's Slammers Rolling Hot

Read in December:
Steinbeck: The Pearl
Chatwin: Songlines

Read in January, 2008:
Pullman: The Amber Spyglass
Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451
Anderson: The Broken Sword
Saint-Exupery: The Little Prince

Read in February, 2008:
Coelho: The Zahir
Memory: Arvore Second (unpublished manuscript)
Stroud: Ptolemy's Gate

Read in March, 2008:
Adams: Last Chance to See
Judson: The Martian General's Daughter

Currently reading:
Bull: War of the Oaks
Rowling: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Om mig
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, hiking through most of the Cascades and Olympics in my youth. Now I live further south in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I consider myself somewhat of a voracious reader, though I do not always own (or keep) what I read. My stars-ratings may seem a little hard, but I tend to keep the books that I like (perhaps hoping that someday my daughter will discover the books and want to read/discuss them?) My favorite bookstore growing up was the University BookStore in Seattle, but now it is Powell's in Portland. :)
Salem, Oregon

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