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These days I prefer non-fiction over fiction. 

I leave mostly five star book reviews because I only generally only finish a book if I love it. I leave a low review if a book misleads people about medical issues; in those cases I provide scientific details to back up my review.

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Visual artist, author, and patient safety educator Sasha Lauren has two novels, and another one in progress. The Paris Predicament is a dramatic, whimsical, feel-good novel about a portrait artist in Paris who goes on a journey for meaning and redemption. Final Lullaby, coming August 17, 2023, is a love story that deals with medical harm and the right to die with choice and dignity.

Sasha was a licensed massage therapist, Hollywood script consultant, Shakespearean actress, and professional organizer. She writes and speaks in support of natural health and patient safety.

"I write about serious topics with a blend of comedy, whimsey, and drama. My characters are creative or quirky people who think in innovative ways." - Sasha Lauren


Review of Final Lullaby by Diane Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review --

"In Final Lullaby, Tucker and Angela are gentle, sweet souls who have found in one another a kindred spirit. Tucker's blues music talents lure Angela, who contemplates the surprising scenario of a connection developing between them:

'Tucker took my hand as though helping me out of a luxury limo. I stood face to face with this shining mystery man I’d met ever so briefly at the party of a childhood friend and could only giggle in response to his grin. The two of us would make lousy poker players.'

Love is in the air from the very beginning ('Tucker showed me his house with the earnestness of a bighearted lap dog who only wants to share himself and be loved.'), proving it is possible to fall in love in mere seconds. This is not the end of the story, however—it's only the beginning.

Sometimes love is not enough. In Tucker and Angela's case, love drives an examination that revolves not just around romance, but dances through impossible conundrums, social expectations, and taboos that come to rest on their shoulders as unexpected developments pull Angela into worlds with moral and ethical dilemmas she'd never closely examined, much less dreamed of.

Sasha Lauren cuts to the chase in her candid probe of a topic many fictional approaches would shy away from. From issues of medical system corruption that introduce impossible pain to sufferers to the observation that 'heartache is a ravager,' Lauren creates a powerful series of interplays that open with love and move deftly into forbidden territory and subjects that test the hearts of characters and readers alike.

The ongoing influence of former soul friend Madeleine in Angela's life, the decisions to foster her legacy in different ways, and the impact of loving again are all powerfully rendered in a tale of best friends, old and new friends, and the process of mourning and recovery. All this is complicated by a medical system that harms as much as it heals.

Ideally, Final Lullaby will be chosen not just by romance readers who will find the unfolding story departs from predictable paths to enter thought-provoking realms of social inspection, but by book clubs interested in debating many of its issues.

Libraries and readers will find Final Lullaby a compelling journey into love, healing, and recovery that operates on different levels, introducing thought-provoking reflections that ultimately demand the reader's engagement on more than just a level of appreciating a romantic interlude and new possibilities of growth."


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