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Nov 27, 2013
Om mig
Born in Thailand, raised in Iran, and studied in the Philippines, SittieCates fell in love with the written word ever since she discovered what pencils and crayons can do to papers, notebooks and walls. Her weird scrawls and doodles seemed to be everywhere - creating a story all on its own.

In the past, she handled various professions which included being an Editor and Writer for various publishing firms.

During those days when she held full time jobs, her two short stories for children got published at a kid's magazine.

"People may think that writing and editing will always be easy if you've been in the (print) industry for a long time," she says. "But I have to admit that I get my OFF days just like everyone else. By that, I mean, not knowing what else to say or what slant to follow for a piece due for publication, receiving rejections and falling in love with what you've written that you fail to see the errors that had managed to creep in."

"That is why," she adds, "I always have to remind myself that I am a writer, an author - meaning, I have the ability and the opportunity to revise my own mistakes, and learn from the experience."
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