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Mark Cunningham
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Many and varied
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I don't believe in any gods or heaven or hell.

I don't get my morals from a book containing incest, rape, infanticide and murder.

A book that condones slavery and condemns same sex love.

A book that says disobedient children should be stoned and is happy for you to sell your daughter into slavery.

I have raised two amazing daughters who know right from wrong and who will be incredible, strong, loving women.

Who, if raised in the ways of the many theist books would be regarded as worth less than any man.

I am happy to help others for the sake of it not for a reward in the afterlife.

I don't need religion to give my life meaning.

I find wonder in the power of nature. I am filled with awe at the sight of the night sky and the majesty of the universe.

I don't believe in nothing. I believe in love, and joy. Walking in the rain hand in hand with the woman I love gives me pleasure.

I believe in respect not worship, clarity not delusion, courage not fear, ethics not dogma. I believe in good not god.

I know we just get one shot at life and that's why we need to make it the best life we can.

My name is Mark, and I'm an Atheist
Mission, BC
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