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Dec 15, 2011
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Contains mostly Classics, Contemporary, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, History, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Science, Science Fiction, and Suspense.
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I like creativity and originality in books. Please, no recycled ideas. It was always done better the first time.
My favorite books are ones that keep me guessing with interesting characters and an ending I didn't figure out. Usually I don't like novels in a series that will go on until the author croaks. There are a limited number of exceptions. I enjoy some things others can't stand. Like snow and punk rock. I may be the only person walking the face of the earth who likes the Ramones and Mazzy Star. And I realize that's as important as an ant fart in a tornado. Also interesting are the eclectic group of the U.S. Civil War, Native American art, magic as in the Houdini type, pyrotechnics, robots, weather, minerals and anything that can make me laugh.
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