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Mar 4, 2009
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I used to have an obsession with finding the "best" science and mathematics books but no longer do....

I got rid of four boxes of books the summer before last. I didn't catalog all that I gave away then, nor did I catalog the books that I resold after graduating high school.

Some of my more, polysemantically speaking, "private" books I have left unlisted.

I may start cataloging books that I would especially like to read but haven't had a chance to check out from a library or purchase yet, and I would tag these separately. I'm an underliner, so I prefer to purchase books, but because of financial exigencies I often end up borrowing books from the library and scribbling near-illegible annotations in a notebook as I read.

I'm starting to think my extensive library is more a manifestation of neurosis in the vein of obsessive-compulsive disorder than of erudition. I do the best I can, I suppose.

It can be easy to get a hold of electronic books these days. I typically only list those that I have at least partially read.

The periodicals to which I have subscribed include Nature, The Economist (along with People Style Watch, which may be my favorite [...]), and, once a good deal for non-students arises, Science I enjoy reading selections from The Atlantic, New Internationalist, The New York Review of Books (check out their blog), and many similar publications, along with salient monographs and other features from biochemistry, organic chemistry, and general science journals. The Grey Lady is the paper of record to which I turn the most often, but I have a digital subscription to the Washington Post as well and read (try to read) The Guardian and Le Monde. I hit-or-miss follow A TON of well-written, insightful blogs, many of which discuss current issues in anti-oppression and social justice movements (could one infer such?), along with, for example, those promulgating current advances in the life sciences and science-based medicine.

Although I'm a little unreliable (or more than a little unreliable) when it comes to maintaining a social life, I'd really like to meet some people in the Orlando- and Tampa-metropolitan areas with similar (and/or concinnously incongruous?) tastes and interests. Feel free as well to add me to your LT friends or interesting libraries list, and I'll be happy to reciprocate.

Also...while I do indeed possess an extensive collection of cookbooks, I rarely refer to them; don't get it twisted. ;)
Om mig

Fall 2014 Update: Hey, strangers! So, my neurological problems have worsened--and new ones have evanesced!—and still proven largely intractable since I began and regularly updated my catalog. Reading physical books for more than a few minutes (and, often, seemingly anything) can trigger horrible vertigo spells*, so I have minimally, comparatively, invested in them the past two or three years, and eBooks aren't exactly a nostrum in this regard, either, but I endeavor to trudge through when I can (plus, brain fog!). Also, my avoidant personality disorder has, well, ossified since; please don't anticipate my reading (I do the targeted hand-hovering over the screen thing) or answering any comments. I may endeavor to start updating my Librarything again, at least as another outlet for my OCPD. In short: the below bio, my username, and, arguably, this entire account, are essentially relics.

Again, while I do not anticipate my responding to any comments perhaps ever--and while I apologize to and hope the online friends I've established over a decade and whom I've abandoned the past several (or handful of) years--I do still appreciate your solicitude/warm thoughts (just please don't bother expressing them). ♥

Another bibliotaph.

I become unmoored without a novel to read. I've been diagnosed with adult ADHD, though, and sometimes finishing a book is a struggle, albeit a worthwhile struggle.

I am interested in, among other things, science and mathematics (though the latter, along with computer science, I've discovered is not my metier); contortion, yoga, and dance (I'm not sure when I will finish my Yoga Alliance certification); literature; words and language (philologastery?--I have been unable to obtain formal training in linguistics, and the Japanese and German books I own I have left untouched for years, by the way); nature; and advocacy for reform movements, understanding privilege, the neuropsychosocial basis for prejudice and tribalism, the intersectionality of oppressions, ethics in general, although my understanding of such certainly isn't as sophisticated as I might like.

A former doctoral student in computer science, I hadn't been able to work or attend school until recently (and only one community college class :/) due to a recalcitrant seizure disorder, along with secondary panic disorder and a major depressive episode. However, I've kept myself as busy as I can (which does vary) in the interim, with reading and studying and the like. I'm now interested in transitioning to biochemistry or medicine, deo (or dea or, my primary inclination, nihil) volente, or, cough, dance. The details are complicated...but my seizure disorder seems to have atypically worsened, I'm afraid.
Florida, USA

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