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Taylor Memorial Library
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Deemed "The Little Library That Could," the recent updates have turned a library that had been considered useful solely for genealogy purposes into a readers' library. Library patrons have access to a variety of media including DVDs, audiobooks, CD's and books and magazines.
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What started as a room in the town hall in 1887, became a free standing library in 1925, thanks to a bequest from Jennie (Jane) Taylor. While the library has always been available to the public, the limited operating hours proved a hindrance to the utilization of the library. In the past year, the library has seen significant changes to both the collection and the interior, as well as revitalized determination to provide the town with a valuable resource. Starting on January 22, 2018, the library increased its hours of operation from two per week to ten. The following December it increased hours to 12 per week! We look forward to seeing you!
Hancock, MA
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