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Frank and Judi
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Our dream is to establish a place to help people find their purpose and meaning in life based on the wisdom of all who came before us.

It will be a combination of a school (campus), a church, a library, a shop, a museum, a sanctuary; a place where all the current experts in metaphysics can get their messages out through classes, lectures, and book signings.

It wil be a place to find your religion, to understand life and death, to focus on mind, body, and spirit; a place to get a spiritual tune-up, some karmic relief, and chicken soup for the soul, perhaps through holistic healing including massages.

It will be a bridge to the other side in this Age of Aquarius.

It will have a heavy focus on the Tree of Life (Kabala), Destiny, Astrology, Tarot, Theosophy, Physics and Philosophy; a lot of rooms with different thoughts and feelings being evoked in each. There will be a fire room, a water room, earth and air rooms, sounds and sights room, universe room and more.

It will have high tech resources to help facilitate learning, including computers, websites, video screens, telescopes, kaleidoscopes, mobiles and more.

It will have nice outdoor garden area like back in Socrates and Plato's time where people can come and philosophize and not feel like an outcast.

There will be a special area where kids can explore and have fun.

There will be no politics! No negativity! No bad vibes man!

It will be a big facility (building) that will be inviting and pleasing to the eyes where you will find classes and workshops; suggested readings, festivals, a network of new age artisans and craftsmen who like to work with like minded people, metaphysical resources., books, CDs, DVDs to purchase, borrow or browse, candles, chimes, crystals, incense, tarot cards, mobiles, symbols, cool art, chalices, and dream catchers.

It will be like back in the time of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt when we had that ability, when we were way more in touch with the spiritual world.

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