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Debi Rose
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My library is made up of all the books I wish to own, the ones I'm gifted with, and the one's I love most. Unfortunately, I still don't own them all, life is too short and money shorter still. However, it is a pleasure to find more and more authors each day who’s books become 'must haves' in my pitifully small library. So the challenge continues to grow... and my favourite bookstores certainly helping me with upsizing my library!
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We have EIGHT furkids now. We have seven feather friends, two ducks and three feather-footed and one not - bantums, and a canary called Jim.

Perth, WA Australia
http://(in the process... it could be a very long process!)
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Boklådor: Elizabeth’s Bookshop, Perth, Fantastic Planet, Serendipity Books, White Dwarf Books

Bibliotek: State Library of Western Australia

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