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Wild Library
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Collection of child and family friendly books (from picture stories to reference) all connected to nature, wildlife, outdoor adventures, forest school, woodcraft, conservation & protecting the environment, folk lore and more... More recently, we've decided to develop a children's Radical Library section with some amazing books for children about difficult subjects like racism, sexism, refugees & migration, recycling & pollution.

The Wild Library began with a few bookworms (6, 7 and 9 years) wanting to create an outdoor bookclub, one of them named it WILD: Wandering Imagination Library of Dreams!

The Wild Library is a project from Super Roots: Outdoor Kids that was begun in 2020 to develop more inclusive opportunities for adventurous play & environmental education for children of all ages.

We bring books to all our sessions and, after moving from Hackney City Farm to a Quarry in Somerset, we now house them in a van painted with vines, bugs and mushrooms!

Om mig
Books inspired by nature to be enjoyed in the wild, up a tree, on the grass, in a hammock or round a fire.
The Quarry, Witham Friary, Frome, Somerset BA11 5HD