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Jan 28, 2006
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Om mitt bibliotek
Yes, I've read every single book in my library. In fact, that is one of my criteria: I must not only have read it, I have to want to read it again in order to keep the book as my space is somewhat limited (believe it or not!).

Books not listed
I borrow books from family members, friends and libraries. Those books are not on this list. Nor have I listed e-books, yearbooks, trade books, audio books, and instruction books. If we could mark individual books "private" I would probably include them. Since Tim has this option in beta, I have one collection for private books, testing the setting.

I used to rate books, but realized with my wide variety of genres I was comparing apples and oranges. How do you compare 'Winnie-the-Pooh' and Euripides? The ratings were conditional and without knowing the conditions, meaningless, so they came down.

Wish List
For those generous friends and relatives wanting to see my wish list, you'll find it here. (And thanks!)

Any artwork on this page which isn't LibraryThing's or book-related is mine and copyrighted. Please don't use it without my permission. (How's that for ego? I love pretending that someone might want to use my work one day.)


Om mig

I like history, both US and European. (My parents, brother and sister-in-law have the US history books which I borrow shamelessly.) I'm an Anglophile. I studied British and Scottish history books before traveling there. I like historical fiction.

I'm into fantasy. I'm a Mercedes Lackey junkie. I also have a sampling of books from art, music, scifi, mystery, romance, religion, and horror genres.

I like to collect books that meant something to me at different points in my life. At one point growing up, I read only horse stories. You'll notice that I still have a lot of equine related books, particularly concerning American racehorses. I run a website devoted to the history, breeding and offspring of a legendary racehorse.

I also run a website for an actor and I have been in a number of amateur plays, so I have a variety of theatre-related books.

I love illustrated children's books by good artists. I have a collection of 'A Visit from St Nicholas' (aka 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'). To view that collection, please click here. Make sure you activate the "comments" column if you want illustrator information.
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