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Jun 14, 2006
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About four years ago I was curious how many books I've read in my lifetime, so I started to compile a list. First it was in an Appleworks database, then a custom MySQL/PHP application. Now it's still in that custom MySQL/PHP application, but I'm mirroring it here to compare with other people's lists. Unless I upgrade my account, I guess you'll just see the first 200 books in order of Amazon ID number. The whole list (URL below) is at 930 as of this writing. That's kind of a disappointingly small number, considering that it includes children's books. I'm 25 years old. At this rate, I'll only get through maybe 2000 books in my whole life.

It's also depressing to see how many bad books I've read. This list is honest and full, so it includes a number of books I wish I didn't have to acknowledge having read. Maybe the worst thing about it is that the single author by whom I have read the most books is Piers Anthony. Forgive me. I was young.

This is an abstract library rather than a physical library. I get rid of books after reading them. Wisdom lies in having read a book, not having a book.
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I've got a BA in English and a BS in computer science. I like to talk to other English majors about books, and other computer science majors about why they don't read more novels.
San Jose
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