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Aaron Paul Lazar
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I've adored mysteries since I was a child. My library contains books I've written, and books I've read.
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Aaron Paul Lazar resides in Upstate New York with his wife, three daughters, two grandsons, mother-in-law, dog, and four cats. After writing in the early morning hours, he works as an electrophotographic engineer at Eastman Kodak Company, in Rochester, New York. Additional passions include vegetable, fruit, and flower gardening; preparing large family feasts; photographing his family, gardens, and the breathtakingly beautiful Genesee Valley; cross-country skiing across the rolling hills; playing a distinctly amateur level of piano, and spending “time” with the French Impressionists whenever possible. Although he adored raising his three delightful daughters, Mr. Lazar finds grandfathering his “two little buddies” to be one of the finest experiences of his life.

In addition to receiving publishing contracts for Double Forte', Upstaged, Tremolo: cry of the loon, Healey's Cave, and Mazurka,he has seven more books waiting in the wings.

Mr. Lazar writes "Seedlings," a monthly column featured in the Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine (FMAM) and in the literary newsletter entitled "Voice in the Dark." Numerous articles on writing have been published by writers' sites such as Absolute Write. His short essay, "Word Paintings" was included in the 2007 Bylines Writers' Desk Calendar. Check out the Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine for the flash fiction piece, "Follow the Leader." Visit his blogs at, and his articles on

Upstate New York
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