Om mitt bibliotek
My library has been collected by myself and my wife over the last 25 to 30 years, and as we hardly ever can bear to part with a book once we get it, is pretty eclectic. We also won't turn our noses up at library used book sales and have a goodly number of used, remaindered and surplus books on our shelves. Unfortunately, a lot of genre books (fantasy, hard-boiled detective mysteries, and science fiction) that I collected in the early eighties have gotten lost in the various moves attendant on college, grad school and law school. I have not read all the books in my library, but as I entered them into LibraryThing I was encouraged by the number I had read - even if I can't remember that much about some of them.

A word about my reviews and ratings. I am trying to review books on an ongoing basis as I read them, as well as write reviews for books I've read in the past that I feel comfortable I remember enough about (or can re-read enough to boost my memory) to have something worthwhile to say. I have decided not to rate a book unless I also can review it, as I think a bare rating is useless for a potential reader to decide on whether they want to read the book for themselves. My ratings are fairly subjective. I've never given five stars because I think that implies "perfection," and there's always something that you can quibble with. Similarly, it's hard to get below one star with me so long as you write in complete sentences. A three star rating from me means a book is "good enough" to read, but a half star either way is a big leap (up or down).

Oh, yes. And that's a copy of "Lights Out for the Territory" by Iain Sinclair on my bedside table behind me in the picture.

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