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Heavy on sci-fi and fantasy, with a dash of mystery and a sprinkling of romance, garnished with classics.

...I think I'm hungry.
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A foreign language student from Michigan, I adore reading. I will read anything I can get my hands on, and I try very hard to always finish every book I start, even if I don't think much of it. I also am a bit of a completionist: since I discovered the "Awards" section on LibraryThing, I've become determined to read everything on all of the awards lists, even though I'm not even sure if that's humanly possibly.
Lansing, MI
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Boklådor: Bargain Books - Lansing - Frandor Shopping Center, Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Lansing Mall, Schuler Books & Music - Eastwood

Bibliotek: CADL - Downtown Lansing Library, CADL - South Lansing Library, Lansing Community College Library

Övriga: Gone Wired Cafe

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