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Apr 18, 2007
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My library is only a small sampling of my actual home library which consists of two tall bookscases in the living room full of books, a tall bookcase in the dining room full of cookbooks, three bookcases in the basement full of books and one tall bookcase and two short bookcases in my bedroom, you guessed it, full of books. My children's room are also full of books and there are books in various places through the house. Someday, I hope to catalog more of my books but right now I am too busy on this website and reading all of those books.
Om mig
I am a SAHM with four kids ranging from college graduate to high school. Three are currently living at home and one is away at school. I love to read all of the time and don't feel quite right if I haven't read for at least a small amount of time each day. I will read nearly everything and can usually find something that I like in every type of book. I am also a movieaholic and really like to read a book and then see the movie - although it is rare to find a movie as good as the book (and sometimes that even follows the book).

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