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Dec 11, 2007
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I have listed ONLY books that I own, but some of the books I've listed I haven't read (yet). I personally think that listing books that you don't own is cheating!
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I am an exceptionally prolific reader (yes, I know in what context I'm saying that!) and finish about 4-5 books a week: fiction, mystery, some fantasy, psychology, theology, natural history, memoirs, odd quirky nonfiction. Being a spinster has allowed me much time to read: at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables; in bed; in restaurants as I dine alone. On the other hand, at 46 I've been coming to terms with the realization that by becoming such a constant reader, I may have created my spinsterhood (generally I tend to assume that it's the fault of visually-oriented, spiritually-intellectually-blind men). In any case, I'm passionate about books, language, and the reader's life. I collect children's books as well. I anticipate that, as I load my whole library here, it will be over 2000 books...I think I bought a house in part because I needed room for books.

I live in Central Pennsylvania, work as a professor and a psychotherapist, live with two lovely but dopey cats, and enjoy birding, music (making it and listening to it), geeky tv (CSI, nature documentaries) and Netflix. I attend a Christian church. If you're curious about the photo, it's a Bearington Bear, who bears the name...wait for it..."Ima Spinster". So I of course had to buy her. Please note that in real life I rarely walk around with my cats on my head.
Lock Haven, PA

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