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Medlem: brynnlune

SamlingarDitt bibliotek (2,033)

Recensioner6 recensioner

TaggarFiction (1,051), Mystery (377), Psychology (285), Children's (231), Christianity (152), Spirituality (140), Memoir (119), Women's Studies (108), Kindle (94), Humor (78) — se alla taggar

MediumBok (2,032), Pappersbok (1,937), Ljudbok (9), E-bok (19), Övriga (1)

Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Rekommendationer4 rekommendationer

Om migI am an exceptionally prolific reader (yes, I know in what context I'm saying that!) and finish about 4-5 books a week: fiction, mystery, some fantasy, psychology, theology, natural history, memoirs, odd quirky nonfiction. Being a spinster has allowed me much time to read: at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables; in bed; in restaurants as I dine alone. On the other hand, at 46 I've been coming to terms with the realization that by becoming such a constant reader, I may have created my spinsterhood (generally I tend to assume that it's the fault of visually-oriented, spiritually-intellectually-blind men). In any case, I'm passionate about books, language, and the reader's life. I collect children's books as well. I anticipate that, as I load my whole library here, it will be over 2000 books...I think I bought a house in part because I needed room for books.

I live in Central Pennsylvania, work as a professor and a psychotherapist, live with two lovely but dopey cats, and enjoy birding, music (making it and listening to it), geeky tv (CSI, nature documentaries) and Netflix. I attend a Christian church. If you're curious about the photo, it's a Bearington Bear, who bears the name...wait for it..."Ima Spinster". So I of course had to buy her. Please note that in real life I rarely walk around with my cats on my head.

Om mitt bibliotekI have listed ONLY books that I own, but some of the books I've listed I haven't read (yet). I personally think that listing books that you don't own is cheating!

GrupperPsychotherapists who read

FavoritförfattareKaren Armstrong, Charlotte Brontë, Geraldine Brooks, Fred Chappell, Laurie Colwin, Jennifer Crusie, Thomas Keating, Laurie R. King, Henri J. M. Nouwen, Terry Pratchett, Mark Salzman (Gemensamma favoriter)

MedlemskapER. LibraryThing Förhandsrecensenter/Ge bort en bok

Riktigt namnLynn

VistelseortLock Haven, PA


URL:er /profile/brynnlune (profil)
/catalog/brynnlune (bibliotek)

Medlem sedanDec 11, 2007

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