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I love high fantasy, and Christian endtimes literature.I have a lot of Creation/ evolution stuff too.Also books on natural health topics ,especially essential oils. It is a bit of an odd mix, I agree. I also collect Australian Authors. Especially humour.I have nearly every book that I have ever owned. My first book was given to me when I was 2 years old.
With Sheakespeare I have decided to enter all the plays I have seen. He is not meant to be read as much as experienced as a performance. The covers I have chosen therefore are quite arbitrary.
Many of my latest books are audible books.
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Here is my little mini foxy Minty.
I am a Bowen therapist with interest in natural health. I use essential oils for everything from cleaning to personal care to pain relief and everything in between. I love listening to classical music especially baroque, medieval and chant. I love gardening, cooking, sewing, my work as a therapist, and of course reading.Books can be my downfall as I can happily spend a whole weekend reading and not doing anything else. Reading a 1000 page book is like a mini holiday for me!
Rockhampton Queensland Australia
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