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Vänner: diogenesii, erinmuse, gillatinous, lgordon

Intressanta bibliotek: devondoyle, FionaCat, gillatinous


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Medlem: christophales

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Taggarnon-fiction (373), (76), fiction (63), parody (39), humor (37), fantasy (37), anthropology (34), history (30), science (28), museology (23) — se alla taggar

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Om migMy favorite color is Crayola's "Beaver." I'm not shitting you, it is an actual color. I like bones and books. I am really competent, but am really bad at the politics (I just can't obscure my arrogant, egotistical, hateful self.). I'm loyal, trustworthy, protective, and good-willed to those I love. But just in case your worried about that, I am a modernist and an orientalist. I like to do coffee, get drunk, be in your bed talking your ear off at 3 in the morning (not for sex), drinking absinth while reading Rimbaud; although I'm not athletic, I enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, etc. etc. etc. I'm pretentious . . .and adventurous. I'm not very judgmental, I have this unique ability to make people comfortable with their personality flaws, life problems, fetishes, and criminal records. I'm about the adventure, I want to see and experience things, travel. I like to listen and talk, over coffee, dinner, or during a time change deadhead party in an old abandoned tunnel built as an alternative nuclear escape route in 1962. I'm interested in nature (it's my career actually), history, culture, animals, sin, religion, art, the underground. I actively pursue the obscure, obscene, weird, strange, because otherwise life would be boring. Goal in life: learn and have fun. Yet another describes me as, "Chris is not boring. He tells too much yet remain mysterious. He's giving and mischievous and smart-- the kind of guy who'd sell your mom's thong on eBay and donate the money to the ACLU. I heart Chris." Maybe someone will want to go with me to explore the tortoise intaglio near Barstow, hike the cinder cones in Mojave National Preserve, going kayaking here and abroad, someone who would go to a nude beach to actually check out the great eroded cliffs, someone who would risk hypothermia to find a desert hot springs, someone who would get excited about the change in plant life in Joshua Tree’s transitional zone. Maybe you own a field guide. In the city, you would want to go to the Pacoima Historical Society meetings, find the ancient borders of the Mexican rancheros, be interested in why streets are named what they are, drive around and look at historical farmhouses in Hacienda Heights, attend midnight mass at Mission San Gabriel Archangel. You would enjoy getting lunch and tea at a Buddhist temple in Hacienda Heights, or going to festival at the Calabasas Hindu temple, or watching Mevlevi Sufis chant and spin. You would become my co-ethnographer while we have drinks in urban Mexican Bar in Boyle Heights, shopping in Little India, getting coffee in Little Ethiopia, or exploring an obscure occult store in Long Beach while pondering what the great moral philosophers would think about your current life decisions. You may actually enjoy karaoke at the Vermont Café or jazz at the Grand Star. When you hear the quote, “If all the bodies in the San Gabriel Mountains were to stand up, it would look like Venice Beach,” you would think it would be cool if it actually happened. You would enjoy spending hours in a library or historical archive, or waking up at 3 AM to go to the mountains and look for mountain lions so that you can use the techniques described in the pamphlet to protect yourself. You would enjoy dressing up in the most off-the-wall costumes for the Fetish/Bondage ball. Or exploring bizarre niche clubs, coffee houses, or organizations. You like to volunteer. You have a passion for a certain band or type of music, a work of literature, art, or animal. You would find it funny to dress like a clown and sing opera in a mall. Be cheesy, but smart. And, finally, you like to travel domestic and abroad.

Om mitt bibliotekObviousness, not complete yet. Have a few thousand to go...

Oh god...let me get to this later.



FavoritbokhandelThe Book Shop

FavoritbibliotekCounty of Los Angeles Public Library - Charter Oak Library, Covina Public Library

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Riktigt namnChris

VistelseortCovina, San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, California

FavoritförfattareUppgift saknas


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Medlem sedanOct 7, 2007

Läser just nuFeast: Why Humans Share Food av Martin Jones
Stars Appearing, Lives of Sixty Eight Saints of the Anglican Calendar 68 av Sibyl Harton

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