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Om migI have four new books out or being written. One is "The Broomsticks of Oz" which can be seen at
About 10 people have read and reviewed it and they all like it.

The other new book is "Kaleidoscopic Images" at

Another book, "The Early History of Trading Stamps" is also being written. The current version has 300 pages. The gallery shows some of the rarer and better designed early trading stamps. About half of them have no known surviving copies.

The fourth book "Chronology of Weather Extremes from 500 to 2006 AD, or 10,000 Noteworthy Events" is finished, unless new material emerges. It shows that extreme events have been common throughout history and most of the worst events occurred before 1900. This book will probably not be published due to copyright restrictions.

I am a retired solar physicist and climatologist, who has written three books and about 100 scientific articles.

Om mitt bibliotekMy library has about 2050 books and 2350 volumes. Most of the books are nonfiction and there are some concentrated collections such as country living, wonders of the world, climate change, genealogy, travel, history, chronologies and day books, and so forth.

Does anyone else have a copy of The Life and Letters of Eliza White, published about 1820? She lived in Freeport, Maine. The book has been handed down in my family for 6 generations, along with several other books. As far as I can tell, no other copy of this book exists.

As of 9/9/2006, 956 books I have are shared by someone else on 957 books are unique to my library. The large number of unique books arises from my unusual interests in the curious and wonderful and also from the fact that it makes sense to own books that the local public library is unlikely to have. I have 51 books from 1675 to 1848 and all 51 are unique to my library. The first non-unique book is Wonderful Characters by Henry Wilson, that edition being published in 1848.

Update on 11/5/2006: Now there are 1042 shared books and 878 unique books.

Update on 2/5/2007: Now there are 1158 shared books and 768 unique books, or 100 less unique books compared to 3 months ago.

Update on 5/5/2007: Now there are 1264 shared books and 667 unique books, or 101 less unique books compared to 3 months ago. It seems about 100 unique books become shared every 3 months.

Update on 8/5/2007: Now it is 1314 shared books and 627 unique books, down by 40 over 3 months.

Update on 11/4/2007: Now it is 1359 shared books and 594 unique books.

The first book, published in 1675, is De veritate religionis christianae by Hugo Grotius. I did not buy this book. It was handed down in the family for the last 6 generations and I am not sure where it was before then.

Finally I should add that I have 9 boxes of books that are not catalogued. These books are supposed to be sold or given away at some point. It is about 200 to 250 books total. Perhaps I should catalog them and tag them as "for sale".


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