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I can love a book and think it's the best thing I've ever read and a week later barely remember what it was about. LibraryThing helps me keep track of not only what I've read, but provides an easy way to refresh my memory on what I thought of a particular work, and what is was about.

My library comprises mostly what I've read, not what I own. I typically only keep books I plan to read multiple times, or value for sentimental reasons. In a never ending battle to limit the amount of stuff I own, I try to remember that if I really need a book again I can borrow it from the library or purchase it. While I will always own, love and prefer "real" (hard copy) books, I am grateful for ebooks and how they've simplified certain aspects of my life.
Om mig
Former journalist and school teacher living in the Pacific NW.
Portland, Oregon

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