Riktigt namn
Don Shorey
Om mitt bibliotek
I have never deliberately gathered books. I love truth and tracking it back to its delightful Source. A passion for God and all of His truth and a calling to study and teach have brought many books into my hands and onto my shelves. An appetite for story, history, and beauty has further cultivated a small but somewhat varied library.

I am honored to possess a portion of my father's ministry library. His influence can be most plainly recognized in the heavy presence of Spurgeon and the Puritans in this list. Dad loved God and grace with his entire being, though he had little taste for the abrasiveness and stagnation that often accompany many of the doctrines that he treasured.

I am eagerly spending my life in the public calling of pastoral ministry, but if my path was chosen toward purely selfish desires, I would spend my life reading and writing story and applying imagination to all things creative.
Om mig
I am a happy husband and a father of five from age 7 to a 21 year old son who was recently married to a delightful young woman.

My early years were spent in Japan as the youngest son in a missionary family. Throughout the years, the ministry life of my large family kept me in contexts filled with rich, vigorous, gracious dialogue and saturated with a love of many kinds of good books.

I am in my 22nd year of pastoral ministry, currently enjoying the adventure of church-planting in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. Most of our years were spent pastoring in New England and we have remained devoted to our three-generation loyalties to New England sports teams. In recent years our loyalties have been richly rewarded.
West Chester, PA