Om mitt bibliotek

I like to march to the beat of my own drum in life. As such, I have my own way of giving ratings on a five star scale. I very rarely give fives, and when I do it’s more of a reflection of how much I enjoyed the book when I read it and whether it has any special meaning to me than it is a judgment of objective quality. 1/2 is reserved for books I could not stand, 3 is for books that I enjoyed about as much as I enjoy any average book, and anything else is determined by how much I did or didn’t enjoy it more than the average. The exception is for nonfiction (other than memoirs) that I rate according to how informative and useful I found it.

The “Phantom Collection” is a bit of a hack to prevent the site from recommending books I own or have read as part of a set. It also lets me rate and review books individually while still keeping track of collections the way I want to.
Om mig
I am a lover of books and an aspiring fantasy author.
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