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I have been writing novels pretty much my entire life. Influenced early by authors like Stephen King, Clive Cussler and Daniel Boorstin, I was probably ten years old when I tried to write my first novel. And yes, it was pretty bad. I recently re-read it and laughed out loud for about an hour because I still can't figure out what I was trying to write back then.

I've evolved a lot since that first attempt.

My first published novel was INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, which takes place in the corporate world of Los Angeles, involving a murder, a set-up and lots of action. It was written when I was in the Army, stationed in Germany and struggling to balance my writing life with a military career. As a counterintelligence agent, I then started moving into espionage fiction (DEADLY DECEPTIONS).

My genres cross all sorts of fields these days. I have a series of science fiction/fantasy novels about the world of Reagul (DESTINY) as well as a number of other science fiction novels (LOSER, THOMPSON'S BOUNTY). LOSER is the story of an Exterminator whose job it is to hunt down the failures of the future, called Losers, before he starts to suspect that the Losers may be more than what they appear and that the government may be hiding secrets that may change the course of humanity forever. THOMPSON'S BOUNTY is the story of a Coast Guard lieutenant who chases a ship into the past, finding himself in the world of pirates, privateers and a vindictive English admiral.

I was born in Santa Monica, California, where I grew up before finishing up high school in Moorpark, California. I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the US Army for a number of years in counterintelligence. After the Army, I became an investigator, a web page designer, and then a low level programmer for a software gaming company. I have designed numerous games over the years, including PRISONER OF Z'ANTH and US AIR FORCE'S STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND. I have completed degrees at San Francisco State University, Western Michigan University and the University of the Pacific. I hold master's degrees in communication and political science. My Phd work was in political science at Western Michigan University.

I currently work in the health care field, creating and maintaining web content for a large hospital system.

My latest completed novel is called THE AMERIAD, a humorous Greek epic about the founding of America by the survivors of Troy. It has not yet been published, as I am still searching for a publisher. It's amazing how hard it is to get humor published these days if you're not a well known stand up comic.

My current project is another Reagul novel (the first in a series) called A SEASON OF KINGS.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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