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Emily Force
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I have lost hundreds of books to various disasters involving moldy garages, theft, disenchantment, and flooded basements. Between that, and eBooks, and certain ideas my socialist librarian father has been trying to impress on me all my life, I'm becoming less and less attached to the idea of a book as an object you own. Not sure what this means for cataloguing, exactly. All the same, I still have lots of books in (dry, secure, hard to get to) storage left to put into LT.
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I am enjoying being me at this age.
Kittery, Maine
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Boklådor: BookPeople of Moscow, Brused Books, Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle), Gulliver's Travel Books Maps, Left Bank Books, Magus Books (Seattle), Powell's City of Books (Portland), RiverRun Bookstore, Twice Sold Tales (Capitol Hill)

Bibliotek: Neill Public Library, Portsmouth Public Library, Rice Public Library, Seattle Public Library - Capitol Hill Branch, Seattle Public Library - Central Library, The Ohio State University - Thompson (Main) Library, University of Idaho Library

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