romance (7), family (5), mystery (5), entertaining (4), poignant (3), fabulous (3), fun (3), friends (3), colorful (3), involving (3), faith (3), exquisite (2), and more (2), and spirit (2), fascinating (2), adventure (2), women's fiction (2), recipes (2), romantic suspense (2), intriguing story line (2), and so much more (2), a helpful and happy learning guide that will be enjoyable for children and parents to use together (2), highly recommended for lovers of inspirational historical romance (2), and of course (2), a cookbook (2), suspense (2), inspirational (2), second chances (2), contemporary (2), compelling (2), tricks (2), paranormal (2), history (2), mind (2), funny (2), historical romance (2), and the heart will have it's way. (1), there's hope (1), Where there's cake (1), Beautifully decorated cakes are a delicious and rewarding way to express creativity and bring a smile to people's faces. (1), designed to make meal prep and cooking simpler and less stressful and to infuse family meals with enjoyment (1), "Pizza School: A Kids Cookbook for Aspiring Pizza Makers"--everybody--including the dog--will eat the homework!!! (1), "take control of your blood pressure--one mouth-watering meal at a time". (1), an involving mystery-within-a-mystery that engages the reader while giving fans a glimpse into the early adult life of the much-loved character of Jessica (1), an easy-to-read and fun to use little book which help young girls develop personal skills and spiritual strengths which will help them cope with Life's big issues (1), simplifies food prep and cooking and offers delicious dishes that will appeal to the young--and to the young-at-heart (1), packed with very user-friendly recipes (1), rated *5 Stars* for family fun (1), 4.0 out of 5 starsSanta shares the cookies and other foods he loves from all around the world (1), insights gleaned from reflections on an odd legacy left by his father lead a man to a new turning point in his life (1), sounds (1), Women account for approximately half of the world's population (1), and their contributions to life as we know it are immeasurable. This is a very enjoyable and enlightening book (1), but for female and male readers of all ages. (1), We cannot change the past (1), enjoyable and informative guide on wine basics and much more (1), Jerrica and Grey must lower the barriers between them ad unguard their hearts enough to trust each other--did the love once so deeply felt between them ever really die? (1), Fabulous food and wonderful romance just naturally go hand-in-hand (1), and talented storyteller Lynne Marshall blends them together beautifully in "Cooking Up Romance"--a charming contemporary love story. (1), I very much enjoyed "The Game Changer" for its humorous "cozy" story line (1), and I definitely see more muffins (and lemon bars and tarts and sugar cookies) in my future. (1), a real reader's treat for animal lovers of all ages. Every single page is filled with photos and facts (1), understated performances and overall high-quality production values make "Les Miserables" audio-book from "Focus on the Family RADIO THEATRE" a very enjoyable listening experience. (1), delightful example of how enjoyable contemporary romantic fiction can be when it's well-written (1), "superfoods" are foods with a higher than average concentration of beneficial nutrients--they give you better value for your nutrition bucks (1), offers a challenge to young chefs to charge their super powers and become a "Super Food Hero" (1), but learning from the past--especially for the young--may give us insights on how to create a better future. (1), will help girls and their parents find confidence in who they are now and hope for who they will become--both as individuals and as families (1), 200 deliciously different cookies...something for everyone...get lots of milk (1), offers simple lessons and delicious recipes to teach you everything you need to know to get started in the kitchen (1), explains each diet separately (1), and then advises on why the best elements from each plan work so well together (1), but ultimately rewarding (1), "Arcadia" (1), from author Mark Lages (1), explores a subject which terrifies many modern families today: teen depression and suicide. (1), Shurka survived (1), living to tell her story to the generations who would come later--the ones who needed to hear such a story from one who actually survived it--someone who survived the forest. (1), designed to prioritize health (1), build simple and balanced meals (1), save time and money (1), and take the stress out of meal planning and food preparation (1), icks up the Donnie Brasco story five years after the sensational mob case that left him a marked man with a price on his head (1), a helpful tool for those who must eliminate dairy from their diets for allergy or digestive issues and also for those who simply choose to go dairy-free (1), you'll enjoy baking (1), explains why your metabolism may have slowed down and offers ways to reset your diet (1), and eating a delicious variety of Coffee Cakes (1), Snacking Cakes (1), Skillet Cakes (1), If you are a "glass half-full" person (1), and every day is a reason to celebrate (1), then you will find much to enjoy in Hannah's holiday book. (1), includes over one hundred "recipes" for Health (1), and Home (1), seeing each other again years apart fans that flame of desire to roaring life (1), and they also realize that love has been there all along (1), The author shares her personal prodigal story (1), and as this book says: "The prodigal journey is all of our journeys". (1), edible experiments (1), Ayurveda is described as "the traditional system of medicine from India--based on the concept of balancing your body to achieve total wellness". (1), a collection of entertaining (1), Victoria Bylin has a wonderful (1), An involving and inspiring love story set in 1850's Texas Hill Country. With added elements of mystery and suspense (1), a compelling contemporary romance with a touch of mystery served up with delicious dishes (1), takes you on a thirteen-state taste trek (1), from VA to FL and all Southern states in-between (1), and each stop is a treat (1), local flavor--down-home delicious. (1), Beautifully descriptive writing (1), which makes the reader feel as though they are actually experiencing the sights (1), and tastes detailed by the author (1), enhances the sweet love story. (1), The brightly colored (1), appealing illustrations along with the simply-worded (1), weather info will make this a favorite family read-along. (1), advises readers how to "find health (1), and joy through food" (1), George Washington lived during revolutionary and turbulent times in the history of our country and he left a lasting and unequaled legacy. (1), she must face many long-postponed issues before she is free to reach out for the joy which awaits (1), written with great love of subject and an obvious passion for the good things in life (1), intriguing sparks-fly historical romance (1), Is it possible that they may each grow as individuals and learn to like each other--could there be something more simmering between them? (1), engaging writing style will captivate readers (1), filled with recipes for delicious delights from Denmark (1), offers 60 simply delicious recipes that you can prepare in a half-hour or less (1), Can trust grow where doubt once lived (1), and can love be stronger than regret? (1), helpful cookbook and meal-planning guide--colorful (1), flavorful dishes (1), "A Country Wedding" (1), both in book and on film (1), is a touching and heartwarming contemporary romance. (1), A simple and enjoyable way to learn to count to ten. (1), You'll rethink some of your own feelings toward unconventional people as you laugh all the way through this lighthearted tale... (1), but is ultimately healing (1), this intriguing tale features well-drawn characters and the timeless appeal of the rustic Old West era. (1), stove-top and oven use (1), offers new ideas and simple solutions to turn mealtimes into fun times (1), Delightful drawings of cute canines and interesting and fun activities will keep children happily entertained. (1), As the author says: "Candy is one of Life's great equalizers--it's there for the good times and the bad." (1), you will find much to intrigue your imagination in "The World's Favorite Ghost Stories". (1), unique storytelling style that is both and involving and uplifting. (1), a terrific teaching tool and a fun learning experience (1), Abraham Lincoln's importance as a legislator and president is immeasurable (1), but we should not forget that he was also once a boy who loved to read who grew to be a man who would become known as "The Great Emancipator". (1), As an added feature (1), you will enjoy reading the "tips (1), and historical highlights" that accompany many of the recipes. (1), The author advises just what you need to know about essential ingredients (1), proper tools and techniques (1), checking for doneness (1), at times quite brutal (1), Despite all of the obstacles she faced (1), she became a teacher and role model for others (1), and she broke many barriers for women artists and artists of Mexican heritage. (1), Author Mark Lages' unique voice as a storyteller always provides an interesting and entertaining reading experience. (1), Highly recommended for lovers of charming inspirational contemporary romance. (1), This storyline is very well-paced and very involving--I read it all in one sitting. I look forward to upcoming entries in this series. (1), advises what a low-carb diet means (1), what health benefits it provides (1), how to get started on the diet (1), how to prepare your kitchen (1), and shopping tips (1), fun contemporary romance filled with Texas spirit (1), a collection of varied recipes that offers something for everyone (1), offers a look at domestic violence which is intense (1), comprehensive guide to baking and cooking with chocolate (1), In each of the stories the zombified hero is not really human (1), Whether or not "you do believe in spooks" (1), Travel through the best cultural experiences and the most beautiful places of the United States and Canada without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite reading spot. (1), they have never forgotten each other or the magical summer they spent together (1), the truth comes home to Hannah Benson in a startling manner (1), and one phone call forever changes the path of her life (1), we're all in there somewhere--along with everyone we've ever met (1), these two women will not stop in their quest to be reunited with their sons (1), involving tale of a woman's involuntary return to her past (1), immediate sense of place (1), compelling storyline (1), and memorable characters (1), a family drama (1), the reader is once again reminded that the truth hits hardest when it hits close to home (1), and genuine American Icon (1), Davy Crockett was a legend in his own time. (1), Sparks fly between the handsome lawman and the lovely lady journalist (1), and so much more. (1), but will their fiery attraction lead to something more? (1), Both of them have many of their own personal issues to resolve (1), but the attraction between them has a mind of its own (1), and a sweetly sizzling involvement quickly ensues. (1), Lovers of well-crafted contemporary romantic fiction will find a reader's home in "Heartlandia". (1), will have you rooting for her perfectly imperfect heroine to find her way out of the bottle and sail toward a clear horizon (1), fun serving of foodie fiction (1), "A Royal Christmas Wish" is highly recommended for lovers of sweetly poignant romance. (1), gritty North Georgia Noir (1), featuring an unforgettable clan of criminal minds and their extended reach of cousins and cohorts (1), dark and disturbing blend of religion (1), and manipulation reveals painful human vulnerabilities (1), the future moves them forward in ways they never expected (1), but ultimately must accept. (1), Mug Cakes (1), unusually involving contemporary tale (1), The bigger they are (1), Local color (1), but interesting (1), warm (1), serving (1), scents (1), Norway (1), politician (1), atmospheric (1), inspiring (1), emotion (1), happiness (1), an intelligent (1), Adventure (1), Beauty (1), Southern humor (1), For some (1), not just for children (1), enjoyable read. (1), a mystery (1), and Sweden (1), Frontiersman (1), Unsettling (1), unflinching (1), Bundt Cakes (1), real-life issues (1), baking pans (1), educational (1), Along the way (1), Sincere (1), medieval court intrigue lit by fiery passion (1), Ash is a refreshing change from the smugly sensational heroes of many romantic reads--Ash makes it all worthwhile! (1), the harder they fall (1), for they are the things that matter. (1), humor (1), "As Long As You Love Me" is a poignant and passionate romance (1), one sure to tug the heartstrings of its readers. (1), Rich with emotion and longing (1), "Christmas at Twilight" is a touching holiday addition to author Lori Wilde's popular "Twilight (1), Texas" series. (1), Well-developed characters and a compelling story line make "Love at First Sight" just perfect for lovers of contemporary romance. (1), "Choir of Angels" offers three heart-warming (1), humorous holiday tales that may just have you singing right along with the choir. (1), will they once again be just employer and employee--or is there hope for a happy future--one that sparkles diamond-bright? (1), and human drama (1), presented with great style by author Mary Jo Putney. (1), I applaud Mary Jo Putney for showing the complexities of the alcoholic personality. Reggie is not the usual romantic hero (1), but he is ultimately quite worthy. (1), a good dose of adventure (1), Appealing characters (1), and a heaping helping of Terrific Texans. (1), achieve optimal results through eating foods rich in alkaline minerals (1), foods range from down-home delicious to enjoyably elegant (1), but all with the same ease of preparation (1), an amazing teaching tool and resource which stimulates creativity and expands rudimentary skills (1), an appetizing recipe collection that simplifies cooking in small batches and optimizes one-pot cooking (1), a chance to find a happiness neither had ever imagined (1), both touching and tantalizing--a mix of sorcery and sentiment (1), an intriguing second-chance love story...there is much for each of them to reconcile... (1), Will finding a common cause unite them with hope for a happy future? (1), superstition (1), but romantic as well. (1), wonder where you got some of them (1), and ask yourself why you have them. Other things will need no such reminder (1), and a heaping dose of spice and sentiment make “I Want It That Way” an involving read. (1), thrilling debut from an author with just the write stuff for the crime fiction genre. (1), and "Iron Will" is the biggest of them all. (1), and forge a future of unexpected happiness? Can new-found hope and honesty be strong enough to stop a killer in his tracks? (1), will open your eyes (1), permanently alter your perceptions of war and its home front consequences (1), and linger long in your thought processes (1), Once you start reading (1), you'll be hooked by the perfectly imperfect protagonist and the compelling storyline. (1), lyrical descriptive writing (1), a compelling blend of history and mythology (1), and the unmatched beauty of Wales all combine for a richly atmospheric tale (1), lies that are looming large will eventually ignite (1), and the aftermath will bring great peril to all (1), contemporary Southwestern romantic suspense tale (1), compelling and suspenseful inspirational romance which touches on many thought-provoking issues (1), Can the love which began in youth come full circle and mature into the love of a lifetime? Will truth and renewed faith cleanse old wounds (1), unite yearning hearts (1), A poignant character study (1), "Benefit of the Doubt" is a suspenseful (1), "Ballroom" (1), pulses with the underlying rhythm of the Tango dance. (1), Will Jacob follow his heart to freedom (1), or will the lethal legacy of blood loyalty have its way? (1), Katherine Center's charming characterizations and involving storyline will captivate your reader's imagination (1), and it might just inspire you to take your own journey of a lifetime. (1), Terry Shames has created a wonderful protagonist in Samuel Craddock (1), and her involving (1), enjoyable writing style will have you looking forward to the next adventure for her likeable lawman. (1), Settle down into your favorite reading spot (1), sip some of the peach tea like Julia serves her guests (1), and enjoy this lovely and involving romantic story. (1), Author Rosanna Huffman's sweetly poignant inspirational romance reminds us that unanticipated changes and personal loss may lead to spiritual growth and a renewal of life's promises. (1), "Madeleine's War" is recommended for lovers of World War II heart-stirring romantic suspense. (1), Sure to thrill lovers of contemporary western romance with touches of humor (1)
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I am a lifelong bookworm, and I became an online reviewer and blogger through my great love of all things books. I read a wide variety of genres, and I regularly post reviews at Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Library Thing, LinkedIn, and other sites. I can be found all over the web blogging about books, food, fiction, family, friends and felines. Books are my second language. I book-speak with friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who will pause long enough to listen. One of my goals is to promote literacy and put books in the hands of everyone who wants to read. There are still many people in the United States and the world who are struggling with literacy. Improving reading skills boosts self-esteem, opens up the world, enables informed decision making, and brings forth all kinds of new opportunities. People who read for pleasure have good imaginations, an ability to think outside the box, and the vision to go beyond black and white to see all the shades in between.
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