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All those Tears we can't see (2nd edition) av Gita Audhya

In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness av Gita Audhya

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I was born and raised in India with all Indian values and the culture of my country. Due to the early marriage at the age of seventeen which was enforced by the societal custom and the caste system I really had a lot of difficulty to obtain my degree. As I was a girl I was not allowed to ride a bicycle, play cricket or fly a kite, anything related to so-called boys sports as well. I hated all of those restrictions. Now all those practices have been changed in the major cities but not in the country sides. I overcame all the obstacles and earned my honors degree in literature. In the meantime my husband had to leave with five pounds granted by Indian Government to England to pursue a better life for us. I joined him after ten months and faced the life full of disappoints, doubts, and hardship. Later of course I adjusted to the life style of England what it had to offer. I obtained a Tax officer job after learning to speak in English and was very happy. But unfortunately it did not last very long. After two and a half years later I faced with Racism when Enoch Powell, an M.P asked us to leave. I was shocked.
It created the best opportunity for us to come to America as I always wanted to come to America- the land of hope, freedom, and fortune. I traveled three countries, England, Canada, and America in pursuit of happiness and the American dream. I live in USA now with my husband and two sons. I soon took an admission to get a computer programming degree when I was raising my children. With all the difficulties and many problems I encountered I still managed to give my time to write and read for the love of it. I also like travelling, arts, and interior decorating. My book is recommended by ALA, and



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