Riktigt namn
Greg Kornacki
Om mitt bibliotek
To keep busy I collect US coins, read, collect rifles & guns used in conflicts, plus collect civilian rifles and guns used for hunting and target. (Special weapons in the
Army - hard to get out of your system)

I spend waaay to much time on my computer. Pay bills, shop, you name it. I like everything filed from A-Z, & have the spreadsheets to prove it. The LibraryThing was a natural, and saved me the time of making a spreadsheet for my books.
Om mig
Retired at 60. Worked for the Northern IL Dist under the
Federal Tort Claims Act for 42 yrs (FTCA). Settled filed claims under the FTCA for 270 post offices in the District (top half of the state).
21220 Tangor Rd Land O Lakes FL 34637