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James Cradock
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I read (and re-read) a lot of books at once. Subjects are wildly different: That reflects my interests, not that I'm pretentious.

I used to read almost all fiction (avant garde kind), philosophy (Wittgenstein, Descartes, Valery), and weirdly a lot of art criticism (Clement Greenberg, Peter Schjeldahl). Now I read mostly history -- of places I've visited or plan to visit or that I'm just interested in learning about -- and fiction.

I'd like to get back into reading more art criticism: Arthur C. Danto is on my list (I'll add it to LibraryThing). I think I'd like to read Flaubert and Balzac.

I'll write more about my library later.
Om mig
I live in Portland (Deering neighborhood). I own a small and successful web development business (Yellahoose), and I co-own another startup hosting and software product development business (Packawhallop). I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years. I need to bicycle more.
Portland, Maine, United States
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