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In the past, due to frequent moves and lack of space, I have given most of my books away after reading them. I still tend to do that, though I keep books I think I might want to read again, which are few (with the exception of poetry). Thus my library consists largely of books I haven't read yet--and poetry. My goal is to build a library of poetry since most of the small towns where I've lived have had poor poetry collections. I'm also collecting books (as I find good ones in used bookstores) to read in a hoped-for future retirement--when I'll presumably have time to read.

The out-sized amount of literary criticism in my library is the result of raiding a local library at the end of its annual sale. All that lit crit to be had for a $1 a bag so I scooped it up--and bought another shelf.
Om mig
I enjoy poetry and fantasy mostly.

I concentrated on poetry during my undergrad degree. I wrote and published in journals for a while but now mainly enjoy reading and reviewing poetry and generally attempting to promote it. I review books of poetry on my website, here, and on goodreads. I have also reviewed literary journals of poetry for

I read more fantasy when I was younger. Still love it but haven't had as much time for reading overall. I find I'm a pickier reader of fantasy now than when I was younger. I've read a number of first books of series and decided not to go further with them. I still enjoy sampling what's out there, though.
Northeast Alabama
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