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May 27, 2007
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I have over 4200 print books in the library (and spilling into several other rooms) in my home. I prefer hardcovers as they hold up to shelf wear and re-reading better. Most of my family will say that you can't tell when I've read a book because I am so careful never to crease spines!

A large number are signed by the author(s) and/or editors. Most were purchased direct from publishers with bound-in, signed limitation pages. Others were flat signed by the authors I have met in person at conventions, such as Dragoncon in Atlanta, or Shore Leave in Baltimore. Most of my collectible books are tagged as "limited" or "lettered," but I also have quite a few that are valuable because they are out of print, book club editions that are the only hardcover editions, or are signed.

My tags were created to capture format, genre, collectible state, or other notable content. Among them:

HISTORICAL - history, historical fiction & historical fantasy
M/M and YAOI - include characters in gay relationships
PARANORMAL - books that include vampires, shapeshifters, and/or witches
FORTHCOMING - books I have ordered and paid for that have not yet been published.
OOP - out of print
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I love to read, but I also collect books. So, some of the books in my library are there not to read, but because of rarity, value or just the challenge of locating one that is OOP. My favorite author is Shakespeare, my favorite genre is urban fantasy. However, I read and own books in every genre and go in cycles among them. At the moment I'm reading a ton of graphic novels/comics due to my enthusiasm for the Marvel films.

I love movies and have a large film library as well. And as expected, I love to see movies adapted from books.
Maryland, USA
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