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Jun 9, 2013
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Kathy Geiser
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I love a wide variety of books. My favorite is horror, but is also enjoy science fiction, mystery/thriller, contempory fiction and so romance. I can usually find something I like about every book I read.
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My email is I do reviews on Facebook on which I have 1000+ friends. I also review on Goodreads, Amazon and my blog, which is elfwitch loves books. I an also on Twitter. The obvious, I LOVE TO READ. Isn't that why we are all here? Favorites? Oh hell yeah. I cut my teeth on Stephen King. Widen my views with Clive Baker and Dean Koontz. Then continued on to consume every supernatural, horror and gross book I could find. Some great, good, fair, poor to I want the last day and a half of my life back. My rating system probably will tell as much about me as anything. Scary 1+, Scary & Gross 2+, Scary, Gross & Sappy 3+, Scary, Gross, Sappy, Sex 4+, and the best Scary, Gross, Sappy, Sex & Funny 5+. I am an ICU nurse. There have been a few very slow night shifts is a very old hospital in my past. Fact of live, when people are really sick or really old there are times when nothing medical will save them and they past on. Have you every read a really scary book in the middle of the night? How about in a place where a lot of people have died, with the lights on low? Now let's talk about gross. Blood, guts, puke, snot and all kinds of nasty shit and I mean really shit. Ok let's move on to sappy. Yes I want to girl to get the guy, but don't make it to easy and sometimes no matter what the story just demands the lover has to die. On to the next category. Sex doesn't need much explanation. Doesn't have to be real graphic but I am not offended if it is. Must be hot and not just added to sell the book. Now for funny, if you make me laugh, I probably will love the book. It doesn't have to be sophisticated humor, just funny. Once read a part in a Rhiannon Frater novel where the hero killed a priest zombie by hitting it in the head with a toaster oven. I still think it is hysterical. Now a book doesn't have to have all these to be good but if it does it is sure to be a winner with me.
Sikeston, Mo
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