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SamlingarStar Wars (26), Craft Books (27), Permanent Collection (70), Ditt bibliotek (628), Läser just nu (7), Ska läsas (281), Alla samlingar (955)

Recensioner32 recensioner

Taggarfantasy (121), young adult (117), form : manga (115), KLC childhood reading (109), general fiction (104), setting : england (96), children's (95), genre : historical fiction (88), genre : mystery (78), genre : romance (72) — se alla taggar

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Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om migLibrarian, archivist, and information manager. Professional interests include: popular reading, archives, personal papers, American history.

Favorite genres: mystery, science fiction, fantasy, YA, historical fiction.

I am also an avid crafter: papercrafts, knitting, embroidery, bookbinding.

Om mitt bibliotekI aim to record my entire reading life with this bibliography.

How I read:

I read several books at once. At the simplest, I have one non-fiction book and one fiction book going at the same time. In practice, I usually have one book from each of my major genres at once. This comes out to one history book, one general fiction work, one mystery, one historical novel, and one fantasy or science fiction book. This means that it can take me up to a month or more to finish a single book, because I'll put it down for days at a time while I'm concentrating on others.

How I read series:

I like to begin with the first book in a series if possible. Sometimes, if I feel like the first book may be a little weaker than later ones, or less mature, I'll read a representative book from the height of the seies and then go back to the start if I like it. I don't read series all at once. I'll read one book, then let it sink in and read other things, then read another. This means that I'm always in the middle of a bunch of series.

Some definitions:

Permanent collection: Books I own and will not discard any time soon. I may or may not have read them. Books in my "book book" collection are not always read.

CS Monitor giveaway: Applied to books taken from the Christian Science Monitor office's giveaway pile. These are books sent to the monitor by publishers for review. When they are not reviewed, or when the staff is done with them, they are put on a cart to be given away to staff on the Christian Science Plaza. I visited this pile once a week and almost always took something during the year and a half I worked at the Christian Science Plaza. This is one of the best things to happen in my reading life, EVER. Thank you, Christian Science Monitor!

To read: Books I want to read but have not gotten yet.

In reading queue: Applied to books I own or have borrowed that are waiting to be read.

In reading: Applied to books I'm currently reading. I usually have three books going at a time: a work of general fiction, a genre work, and a non-ficion book. Sometimes this will be expanded to include a serious non-fiction work and a light non-fiction work, more than one variety of genre fiction, or a high-brow work of general ficiton as well as a middle-brow work. But I ry to never have more than one of any of these categories at once.

KLC childhood reading: A list of all the books I can remember reading as a kid. Not complete by any means. Most of the books on the list are no longer owned, or never were. Some are probably still in my parents' collection.

Note on the "date read" field: When it says I read a book on January 1, it probably means that I read it sometime that year. If it says the 1st of any month, it probably means that it was sometime during the month (or even around that time of year). Similarly, I seem to be broadly estimating childhood reading at 1985. So if a books says I read in on Jan 1, 1985, that means just sometime when I was a kid. Sorry I can't be more precise. Again similarly, as I'm loading data here in mid-2006, I seem to be broadly estimating reading of "a few years ago" to be 2003 or 2004. As I begin to add books I've read since I started this catalog, it should get more and more precise.

GrupperBostonians, Early Reviewers, FantasyFans, Historical Fiction, ladypeter, meganlupin, kikilarue and Hellolua, Librarians who LibraryThing, Mass State Librarians, Science Fiction Fans, Star Wars Books, Talking Piffle


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VistelseortEast Windsor, NJ

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Medlem sedanJun 25, 2006

Läser just nuMy Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams, With a Foreword by Joseph J. Ellis av Abigail Adams
Ideal Marriage, Its Physiology and Technique av Theodor H. Vandevelde
The Pleasure of the Text av Roland Barthes
The Art of Love (Modern Library Classics) av Ovid
A Kiss of Shadows (Meredith Gentry, Book 1) av Laurell K. Hamilton
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