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Elements of Editing av Plotnik

Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 10

Dream Man av Linda Howard

When The Legends Die av Hal Borland

Getbackers 6 (Getbackers (Graphic Novels)) av Yuya Aoki

The hostage av W. E. B. Griffin

The Wolf: The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species av L. David Mech

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Om migKillerMuffin is, of course, a nom de guerre. I didn't exactly choose the name; it sort of chose me. In the spirit of the towering "Shorty" and bald "Curly" tradition, I was originally labeled Muffin by someone with a sense of humor and, eventually, a black eye. The Killer was slapped on later to discourage amorous teenagers in IRC chat rooms. It didn't work so I gave up chatrooms. It's not like the train wreck I call a thought process lends itself to chatting anyway. I type too fast to be anything less than offensive.

I would never offend the pizza gods by carelessly treating their gifts without regard.

I believe that in order to change the injustice rampant in the world, every person must change the injustice s/he hands out to others. I will respect and accept your beliefs, your creeds, your ways, and your rights as valid and worthwhile; but I expect equal respect and acceptance for my beliefs, my creeds, my ways, and my rights as valid and worthwhile. I don't need to be saved because I don't believe the way you do.

"Breadfan" by Metallica was a defining moment in my life. So was the Great Wal-Mart Bathroom Incident, but Metallica was a lot less embarrassing.

Om mitt bibliotekMy amalgamation of books and graphic novels belong to me and my other half, the Big Guy who thinks the internet is only good for buying motorcycle parts, playing online poker, and sending me eCards. I've stuck my fingers in almost all of the books, read more than half the words in most of them, and did homework out of way too many of them. Eclectic isn't a dirty word.

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