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i mostly read manga and romance novels as well as right them
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im a crazy,insane,13 year old , I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! X3 AND TIC TACS IM ADDICTED TO THOSE LIITLE MINTS!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ANIME, ANIME IS AWESOME THAN ANY RETARD SHOW U WATCH RAWR!!!!!!!! IM GONNA EAT U!!!!!!!! EAAAAAAAT U ALL!!!!! i write romance novels if u didnt kno and anime shows!!!!!! and im evil!!! EVIL I TELL U EVIL!!!!!!I WANT TO BE AN ASSASIN WEN I GROW UP. YEP!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! IM A HARUHI SUZUMIYA LIKE PERSON. BUT CALL ME KINACO-CHAN O AND DONT BE CONFUSED BY THE PIC I HATE THE COLOR PINK HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O and im a total yaoi fan its awesome X3 BoyXBoy!!!!!!!!and O MY GOD I JUST GOT BACK FROM MY SCHOOL PEP RALLY AND IT WAS SEXY IT WAS A YAOI FANGIRLS DREAM WE HAD OUR BASKET BALL PLAYERS DRESS UP IN CAT EARS AND TAILS (SEXY!!!) NEKO BASKET BALL PLAYERS RUNNING AROUND AND THE SEXIEST BOYS EVER VISITED OUR SCHOOLS O GOD AND THEY WERE DANCING THIS IS WAT I LIVE FOR, I FANGIRL SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF! yeah i just recently broke my leg and it hurts sooooo much i was just walking and POP! ther goes my knee and then i fell on the concrete right before the test that could determine wether i get into the next grade!!!!! and then stupid caleb punched my knee and it popped back out of place and retard pheonix kicked me in it so i had to go back to the hospital and they had to pop it back in all over again and it hurt so much i swear when i get out of this brace i will destroy them!
(time skip)*narrator says "weeks later"*
i just got the cast off but i do have this little black mini cast thing but i can walk withought my crutches! but......... i have to go to physical therapy for 6-8 weeks
O AND I ALMOST FORGOT! i found out that i am almost every kind of otaku there is
(not in order)
Fantasy Otaku
Horror Otaku
Vampire Otaku
Magical Girl Otaku
Shoujo Otaku
Ninja Otaku
Kawaii Otaku
it never ends................
SO......... i'll be around for a while trust me im not going nowhwere i will be an anime fan forever YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT!
R.I.P. Gary Coleman

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