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Vänner: Andrew_Thomas, susiebright

Intressanta bibliotek: Pianojazz


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Medlem: kingturtle

SamlingarDitt bibliotek (26)


TaggarMaritime (12), History (6), US history (4), Race (3), Slavery (3), Jim Crow (3), Travel writing (3), Office (2), Historiography (2), War (1) — se alla taggar

MediumBok (26), Pappersbok (23), Ljudbok (1), E-bok (2)

Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om migI taught high school social studies. Now I teach others to teach high school social studies. I have a seemingly unlimited desire to learn about culture, biology and astronomy. I am curious about the effects of race, war and Imperialism on culture.

The rain. Fresh air. Dark places. A chorus of crickets. The greeting of a cat. That Nick Drake LP playing in darkness. Fireflies. Double mocha (from Caffe Pergolesi). Origin stories. Serenades. Thunderstorms. Zines. Finding beauty. Encouraging beauty. The 1939 NY World's Fair. The surreal. Swedish fish. Staying up late. Sleeping in. Being in water. One more time around the block because the song isn't over yet. Viruses. Quantum physics. Dada. The situationists. I spent a great deal of time working on my Website WikiSCUM, which documents the history of underground music in Santa Cruz, California.

Baseball, the Beatles, Beethoven, punk movements, Surrealism, walks, naps, the rain, history, flappers, birds, badminton, croquet, cards, Agricola, dead reckoning, ny before i was born, ukulele, vaudeville, handwriting, chess, jazz, art history, motels, making crosswords, math, eye contact, Teddy Roosevelt, snapdragons, anatomy.

Check out my list of favorite hasn't been updated for a few years...

Om mitt bibliotekI began cataloging my books when I was nine. I wrote numbers in all of them, and placed them in a box outside my bedroom door with a sign (which I thought was very inviting). I was disappointed when my older siblings didn't browse my stacks or inquire about getting a library card. But that didn't stop me from cataloging my books and baseball cards.

From there my library cataloging system went on a 30+ year journey from graph paper to Lotus 1-2-3 to Q&A to Sesame to LibaryThing. My library itself also went through many developments (expansions, contractions, phases, trends), and then I got married...and my wife also loves/has (lots of) books (but cares not for cataloging).

For various reasons, in Oct 2018 I deleted all the books catalogued on this account, and started re-entering everything from scratch.

P.S. I give most of my books five stars. Why would I keep any book that I thought was only 3 stars?

GrupperA Pearl of Wisdom and Enlightenment, African/African American Literature, All About Art, Altered States, American History, American Postmodernism, Anarchism, Art is Life, Baseball, BDSM Bibliophilesvisa alla grupper


FavoritbokhandelCal's Books & Things, Literary Guillotine, Logos Books & Records, Phoenix Used & Rare Books, The Bookloft

FavoritbibliotekUniversity of California at Santa Cruz - McHenry Library, University of Rochester - Rush Rhees Library

Också påWikipedia

Riktigt namnOliver Cashman-Brown

VistelseortRochester, NY

FavoritförfattareUppgift saknas


URL:er /profile/kingturtle (profil)
/catalog/kingturtle (bibliotek)

Medlem sedanSep 9, 2006

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