inventive point of view and creative. one of my favorites. (2), good (1), good. thought it could be better. touching characters. wanted bigger finish. (1), good combination of writers. (1), classic kids title. (1), intersting combination of stories ... from what i remember ... (1), not as good as the book thief (1), but still very good. could've had better ending. but still very good. (1), have read it at different times in my life and always enjoy the stories. (1), hate it. started off kind of strong (1), but quickly turned to shit. (1), ok for christopher moore. (1), interesting and touching (1), but probably won't read again. (1), so long ago (1), only read half of it. was helpful. (1), i remember liking it. i was probably 11 when i read it. (1), read it in high school. liked it. (1), full characters. stronger beginning (1), but liked it as a whole. (1), what can i say... (1), i liked it when i read it then (1), might have to try it again. (1), way better than the movie. way better. way. (1), always good. (1), but nice setup of the characters. (1), enlightening. (1), unique style. very good. (1), entertaining. interesting. wouldn't say great literature. (1), much better than i expected. (1), cute. kids title... (1), great (1), became so invested in the characters that i was sad to read the last page (1), interesting (1), ok (1), hated it (1), not his best (1), helpful (1), fun stuff (1), same (1), entertaining (1), so long ago i don't remember (1), big build up to disappointing finish (1), eh ... only read it because of its connection to lost (1), reached into me and touched my heart (1), i loved it when i read it in high school and again in college ... bout time to read it again (1), i liked this one. (1), moving story. read it before the lovely bones. very similar story. (1), read it a million times in high school. sort of perpetuated my fascination with mobsters and the irish. (1), infuriating and amazing (1), took me forever to get into it (1), not all i had hoped for (1), beautiful. touching. heart breaking. i want everyone to read it. (1), young adult title. 'nuff said. (1), i loved it when i read it in jr. high. sure there are better that he's written. (1), close to his best. (1), read it at the right time in my life. (1), ok from what i remember. (1), funny. some very interesting facts. (1), great concept. got kinda boring for a while. glad i read it. (1), i love random info. (1)
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Aug 1, 2007