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Jan 21, 2018
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I read anything except most thrillers.
Om mig
Frank Zappa said that "Music is the best!" and I agree with that but literature is great as well!

I'm a music nerd to the death with an almost equal passion for the written word! I guess my record and book collections could be considered significant but I listen to every record and want to read every page of every book.

I'm very passionate about movies as well and have a rather big collection of DVDs. When a novel is adapted to the movie screen I prefer to watch the movie before reading the book in order to prevent major disappointment.

In school, when the subject was literature my regular contribution often was "oh I own a copy of that book but I have not read it yet!" Some other students thought my place of residence was the library. However I kept forgetting to return the books and therefore, since almost 20 years, I've been a frequent customer at book stores and second hand-shops.

I am European but if a novel was originally published in English I try to find a copy since translations sometimes can be quite horrid.