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Medlem: lightburn

SamlingarDitt bibliotek (785)

Recensioner2 recensioner

TaggarPhilosophy (130), Mathematics (77), Art (70), offsite (52), History (47), Poetry (37), U. S. West (34), Architecture (32), SJCAA (30), Chicago (26) — se alla taggar

MediumUppgift saknas (26), Bok (758), Pappersbok (567), Ljudbok (1), Multimedia (1)

Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om migI live in Chicago. My library reflects that.
I'm an alumnus of St. John's College, the University of Colorado (CU), and the University of Chicago (UofC), and my library reflects that.
I'm a docent for the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and my library's recent acquisitions reflect that.
I'm originally from the Western U.S. and my library reflects that.
I've developed serious interests in both Art and Architecture, and my library also reflects those interests.

The photo image is a sculpture by Niki St. Phalle.

Om mitt bibliotekI'm maybe too obsessed with cataloging for my own good; the LC numbers in my collection are slightly unorthodox. For sorting purposes, there's a space between the alpha characters and the numericals; and I zero-fill to four digits before any decimal place. I've omitted any characters after the decimal place, since that's more information than I really need.
"Deacessioned" books are books of note that I once owned, but no longer do. (Often these have gone in the direction of Newberry Library: at least to their used book sale.)

I collect books by and about Edmund Wilson, books by and about Edward Abbey, and WPA State Guides.
The WPA Guides have not been completely cataloged yet. They're fun, but not an object of study, so I keep them "offsite" in my storage locker.
My collection of Wilson is nearly complete, the Abbey stuff less so.
While I still enjoy Abbey, I consider that interest to be adolescent. My interest in Wilson is somewhat more mature, but I've actually read only a few of them: "Patriotic Gore," "To the Finland Station," "Red, Black, Blond and Olive," "Memoirs of Hecate County," "I Thought of Daisy," "Europe without Baedeker". I've made a serious effort on "Wound and Bow," particularly since Philoctetes is an interest of mine. I've at least glanced at the others, but I wouldn't say I'd read them. Since my collection is more or less complete, I've moved these off-site.
I've also moved off-site my collection of catalogs of Art Chicago, and its predecessor, Chicago International Art Exposition. Technically, these are serials, not books, and therefore they should be treated differently. But these massive catalogs sure LOOK like books.

Obscure tags: SJCAA=a text from the St. John's College Chicago Alumni Chapter seminar; OCL=Oxford Classical Library, the critical editions of Greek and Roman writings; LOA=Library of America.

Grupperanalytic philosophy, BBC Radio 3 Listeners, Books Compared, Combiners!, I Survived the Great Vowel Shift, Mathematics, Philosophy and Theory, St. John's College Alumni, The University of Chicago, U of Chicago College alumni and other Great Books Geeks

FavoritförfattareEdward Abbey, William H. Calvin, Daniel C. Dennett, M. F. K. Fisher, fulltext, Stuart Hampshire, Homer, Jane Jacobs, Bertrand Russell, Benedictus de Spinoza, Edmund Wilson, Ludwig Wittgenstein (Gemensamma favoriter)


FavoritbokhandelSeminary Co-op Bookstore

Riktigt namnRick Lightburn



URL:er /profile/lightburn (profil)
/catalog/lightburn (bibliotek)

Medlem sedanApr 12, 2007

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