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My collection strongly favors fiction, with some side excursions into religion, politics, and music.

I also have a great many comics and graphic novels, which would take far too long to catalog. I have selected some of my favorites for inclusion. I'm only including one representative volume for any series collection I have, to keep my account from getting too cluttered.
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I should probably explain that my rating system corresponds to absolutely nothing on the earth and so if you followed one of my ratings links please take note:
***** = one of my favorite books
**** = I love this book
*** = I like this book
** = This book was ok
* = I disliked this book

I rated things according to their place in my collection instead of rating the overall quality of the book. This makes my ratings system slightly more positive than others because some pretty good books wind up with *** where most people would call that a "C" on the grading scale.. but I do it that way because I don't really have any * books, I have all my books because I think they're pretty good. I might change this around someday, who knows.. I find this useful for me.

I'm always looking for book recommendations!
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