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Mary-Frances Barry
Om mitt bibliotek
Books that are fun, books that other people recommended, books that caught my attention at the bookstore, books that had great cover art, books from my regular authors, etc. I need to stop listening to podcasts (thanks Modern Mrs Darcy) because my i keep adding books to my list of interesting books.
Om mig
An avid reader (thanks Mom & Dad!), I would like to say that I try new things but, alas, it isn't true. I am a fiction reader - general, mysteries, romance and science fiction. I am not a huge reader of non-fiction and am trying to go through the TBR pile but also seem to add more books to that pile.

I own both a Nook and a Kindle and read across all mediums.
Hingham, MA
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Boklådor: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Hingham, Borders - Braintree, Buttonwood Books and Toys

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