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Eclectic. Lots of art, ceramics, textiles (knitting and crochet mainly) and design reference works. (I'm an arts graduate with a serious book habit.) Sci-fi is a major part -I get my taste for this from my Mum. I've quite a lot of fantasy stuff too. I just got a Kindle so I'm busy replacing my battered classics (mainly out of charity shops and falling to bits) with eBook copies. I've also decluttered some of the stuff I realised I was never going to read. That took some soul-searching. Working my way through the shelves makes me realise what a bizarre collection I own - from Iain Banks to Tom Clancy, via Douglas Adams?! I'm still trying to work out what exposing my library to the internet tells people about me. Apart from the fact that I need to get a bigger bookshelf.
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