Om mitt bibliotek
I read books from the public library, thrift stores, and used book stores. Used books I have purchased are frequently re-sold for more book money. If I own the book (i.e. have it cataloged here), it is because I find it to be personally valuable. I tend to collect poetry, zines, and non-fiction; I only keep fiction (a) by my favorite authors, or (b) that impacted me deeply. My personal collection development policy stipulates that a non-fiction book should only be selected if it is likely to be referenced after the first read-through. The politics of gifts is also at play, occasionally.
Om mig
I am a librarian. Although I have only recently found this career path, it is clear that I was always a librarian. I enjoy fiber arts, herbs, magic, rivers, folklore, poetry, art, vegan cooking, history, public spaces, social justice, and succulents. My cat is a contrary ginger bruiser with his own ideas about everything.