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Nov 4, 2009
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Michael Schwager
Om mitt bibliotek

These are books that made a mark on me over the years, from about 1946 when I learned to read, through today, including recent ones still under consideration.

I've read, skimmed, or otherwise engaged with all these works. They only go into LibraryThing when I've finished their first reading or when I recall them from the past. It's not every book I've read or looked into, mostly relevant ones.

I occasionally winnow out books that no longer seem important. Books tagged "own" are those I currently keep in my physical library of about 100 works. 

I borrow from libraries, buy books, keep a few, and pass the rest along.

The listing "Zzz-tag" is not a book, but lists the tags I use to categorize what I'm reading.

Om mig

Among the first things I do in a new place is get a library card and look for bookstores. 

I'm a retired software builder, husband, grandparent. 

Bookish interests include: short and long fiction, poetry, art, science, and whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

Southern California, USA
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Boklådor: Powell's City of Books (Portland)

Bibliotek: Orange County Public Library - Heritage Park Regional Library, Twin Falls Public Library

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