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Jupiter Doke, Brigadier General av Ambrose Bierce

Profiles In Courage av John F. Kennedy

Dreams And Telepathy av Sigmund Freud

Mythological Beast av Stephen R. Donaldson

Twenty-Six And One av Maxim Gorky

A History Of The Greek City States, 700-338 B.C. av Raphael Sealey

Plunder av Ben Travers

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Medlem: mysticjoe

SamlingarDitt bibliotek (4,215), Novels/Novellas in library book collections (599), Plays in library book collections (951), Short stories in library book collections (5,259), Poems in library book collections (26), Non-fiction books/essays in library book collections (240), Screenplays in library book collections (12), Lästa men inte ägda (1,293), Alla samlingar (12,591)


TaggarShort story (5,171), Play (1,305), Novel (1,255), French literature (673), History (539), Philosophy (536), Novella (506), German literature (349), Short stories (311), Biography (297) — se alla taggar

MediumUppgift saknas (4,544), Bok (8,017), Pappersbok (2,214), Ljudbok (2), Ljudinspelning (3), Videoinspelning (20), DVD (1), Övriga (6), Karta (1), Multimedia (1)

Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om migThese are some of my favorite subjects for reading and studying:
HISTORY: British Renaissance, American War of Independence, Peace years between WW1 and WW2 in Europe and US.
POLITICS: Libertarianism, Classical Liberalism.
SCIENCE/PHILOSOPHY: Evolution, Metaphysics.
LITERATURE: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Paranormal, or anything well-written, offbeat and eclectic.
ARTS: Plays, Screenplays and Music from Broadway, Hollywood and London's West End.
SPECIAL STUDIES: Shakespeare/Bacon/Oxford authorship; Theosophy, Mysticism, UFOs, Occult studies; History of Freedom and Individual Rights.

Om mitt bibliotekAll actual books in my library are under the heading "Your Library". For books containing two or more titles within each book, I have listed the titles separately into different general categories. For example, Jane Austen's novels are listed individually (in novels in library book collection), but are to be found in only one edition of her collected works in my library. The same procedure has been followed for the novels, short stories, plays, poems and non-fiction works that appear in collected volumes. This way each title can be accounted for, while at the same time, each physical edition of a book is also counted separately. The collected volume where titles can be found is in my Comment section. Read but unowned is self-explanatory.

Book covers are shown for books in my library only. All covers shown are the actual covers of the books in my library.

Tags are generalized. For world literature categories, they are separated by language, not by nation. A Spanish literature tag refers to fictional works originally written in that language whether the author be from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, or wherever. Anything fictional without a designated language tag is presumed to be English language literature with no distinction placed on country of origin or ethnicity of author.

Some Definitions:
"Softcover" books are oversized paper bound books, larger than pocket size.
"Plays" incorporates plays, skits, masques, interludes, operas, ballets.
"Novellas" are works between roughly 35-120 pages.
"First Edition" may refer to the actual first printing of that title or to the first printing by a particular publisher.

Some books are available for swap. Please inquire which book you are interested in and I will see if I want anything from your library.

The Library remains a work in progress.
Enjoy your readings and studies.

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Medlem sedanSep 16, 2010

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